Kaushal Mela - Dhani Mahu, Bhiwani, Haryana - 04.02.2017

Kaushal Mela - Ajmer - 03.03.2017

How It Works ?

Kaushal India embodies a simple 4-stage skill process i.e. Mobilization, Registration, Training / Skilling and Placement & Livelihood.



Kaushal India has a very unique way of mobilizing and informing the unemployed, unskilled and uninformed youth.

Kaushal India is proudly associated with IBTIDA, the dramatics society of Hindu College, Delhi University. With help of IBTIDA's creative concepts, zest for street performance and their high octane 'Nukkad Natak, Kaushal India has successfully mobilized over 2000 applicants in the state of Rajasthan.

Kaushal India with the help of State Skill Missions organizes Kaushal Mela's on a quarterly basis to inform and update the unemployed on the initiated Skill Development schemes such as PMKVY. We also help them identify placements and livelihoods in a skill sector of their choice and train them accordingly.


For registration, the following documents are required:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Educational Certificates
  • Passport Photos
All you need to do is visit a centre, seek counselling, select a skill and register yourself.

Training / Skilling

Kaushal India has over 20 skill training centres spread over 5 states i.e. Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Jharkand and Orissa (upcoming). Affiliated with over 10 sector skill councils, Kaushal India skills the unskilled in varied job roles ranging from Unarmed Security Guard, Sewing Machine operator, Soft Skills Trainer etc.


Kaushal India has affiliations with leading companies from 10 major sectors, to provide trained manpower.

Security Guard
Age - 51

Madhav Lal - Madhopur

After spending many years in unemployment, I was most affected when our son left me and my wife. If it wasn’t for Kaushal India, I would not be able to live with respect in this old age. I got proper training and now I support my wife myself.

Sewing Machine Operator
Age - 34

Sujata - Alwar

I wanted to design clothes but due to poverty I did not get proper training until Kaushal India came to our hometown. Now I work at a good boutique in Delhi. My dreams have come true!

Machine Operator
Age - 29

Aadesh - Dudu

After being kicked out of my house for being of no use, I was heartbroken. I had no money to start anywhere. I learnt about Kaushal India through their mobilization drive. I now support my parents by working at a good company.

Soft Skills Trainer
Age - 32

Ali - Kotputli

Due to poor conditions of my family I was not able to study further or get a good job. But today I am earning well. Thank You, Kaushal India. I am able to support my wife and children now!

Age - 24

Sunita - Shahpura

It was very hard to get a job because of my poor English skills. My husband suggested that I can also take training from Kaushal India just like him. Now, we both are earning well and I work as a receptionist at an MNC.

Fitness Trainer
Age - 31

Rajesh - Tatarpur

I came to know about Kaushal India from a friend who was getting training with them. I soon registered myself and got trained. Now I earn with this skill while earlier I was just wasting my strength earlier.

PT Instructor
Age - 37

Devi Lal - Behror

After losing hope in finding a job, I had begun to sink into depression. It was through the Kaushal India Mela that I found the right direction. Today I am a PT Instructor and I am earning well! Thank you, Kaushal India.

Computer Operator
Age - 28

Raju - Kishangarh

I used to spend time playing cards with my friends all day but then when I found out Kaushal India trains people, I took the opportunity to learn about computers. My family and friends are surprised with my transformation.

Gun Guard
Age - 33

Sant Ram - Kotputli

I was not able to support my children. Kaushal India showed me a way that helped me secure my family’s future. I now send my daughter to school. I will also register my wife on Kaushal India now.

Office Boy
Age - 27

Babu - Dudu

It was hard to support my family after the birth of our first child. Kaushal India gave me hope for a better life. I have found work and now I see bright future for my child as well.

Kaushal India

Kaushal India is here to provide you end-to-end employability and skill development programs with all the desired modern facilities, education and employment opportunities which will enable you to secure and safeguard your future both socially and economically. So, come and join our programs and upgrade your skills to become thorough industry professionals.